We are running a series of webinars covering various areas of on-going maintenance, as well as improvement and optimisation of your maintenance approach and operational effectiveness.

Webinar 4 - Future Factories – Digitising Maintenance

Thursday 26th November 2pm (CET)

Join Richard Jeffers, RS Group Technical Director, as he shares insight and experience on why manufacturers need to embrace Industrial IoT and how connected technology is super-charging predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Webinar 1 - Improve your Bearing Life

Already held - go to recording on link below!

Our MPT consultant Malcolm Watson and David Oliver, SKF's Bearings and Units Industry Manager, discuss the reasons why bearings can fail prematurely, and the various techniques for mitigating failures and maximising bearing life.

Webinar 2 - Maintaining a British Superbike Team

Already held - go to recording on link below!

Join us with the rider and mechanic from GR Motorsport, to discover how they approach the challenges of superbike maintenance, their experiences with tools and more.

Webinar 3 - Factory Maintenance Fundamentals

Wednesday 4th November 3pm (CET)

We've invited experts from Schneider Electric to share how to upgrade legacy installations with their Tesys™ Island solution. This allows you to gain easy, remote access to predictive & preventive application data, leading to early diagnostics, optimised maintenance and reduced downtime.