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  • RS-varenummer 268-357
  • Producentens varenummer 50646842
  • Fabrikant Tempo
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PTS100/200 - Pair Tracing Kit

The PTS Pair Tracing System comprises the PTS 200 Tone Generator and the PTS 100 Probe in a woven polyester carrying pouch. The System is designed to provide an easy to use and cost effective means of tracing wire pairs

Fast, Accurate Wire Identification
Sends Tone to Identify Wires
Polarity Indication
Continuity Test
Adjustable Volume Control
Easy to Operate
2-Line Modular Test Lead
Rugged Industrial design
Water Resistant

Typical Applications:

PTS 200 Tone Generator:

The PTS 200 may be connected via the modular plug or the crocodile clips to the pair under test. Depending on the switch position the Tone Generator will test Polarity continuity or short circuits. The PTS 200 can be used on twisted pair wiring (Telecom, Datacom, security / alarm, audio and electrical), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and just about any other wiring you can think of.

PTS 100 Probe:

The PTS 100 Probe has a built-in loudspeaker to make it easy to hear the tracing signals and a near/far sensitivity Adjustment to allow both broad searches and pinpoint identification of wires. To operate just press the button on the top and adjust the sensitivity control to hear the tone generated by the PTS 200


Only for use on non-powered cables, powered by PP3 batteries (not supplied).
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Attribute Value
Meter type Kabelsporer
Batteritid 290 t
Batteritype 9 V
Strømforsyning Batteri
Driftstemperatur maks. +50°C
Driftstemperatur min. 0°C
Modelnr. p PTS parsporingssystem
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